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PGD ENGINEERING - workshop Facilities

General engineering, CNC or manual machining, Fabricating, Welding, Shearing, and Press brake Facilities. Aluminium welding and stainless steel welding, fabrication of special purpose machines, fixtures, and jigs, working in brass, copper, ally, plastics, stainless and mild steel.

List of materials used by PGD Engineering aluminium, stainless, mild steel, brass, copper, plastics



  • CNC Machining, with 4th axis
  • CNC Turning, upto 1 mtr BC.
  • Bar Feed up to 2" dia
  • Manual Machining


  • TIG / MIG Welding
  • ARC / Gas Welding
  • Stud Welding
  • Spot Welding


  • Sheet MetalWork
  • Brake Press 100 ton x 3.0mtrs
  • Guilotine to 10mm thickness

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